Let’s cut, grow and shine together!

Hair Cuts

Women 40+
Mens 25+
Children 15+
Bangs 6+


Blow-dry 25+
Updo 60+
Curls 30+


Colour retouch 70+
Single process 90+
Baby lights full $120+
Baby Lights half 100+
Balayage/foilage/ombre/sombre 120+
Bleach retouch 100+
Colour correction 75+ per hour
Toner/gloss 45+


Deep conditioning 10+
Malibu well water treatment  20+


Shaping 15+
Tint 15+
Shaping and tint $25+

**These priced are to be used as a guide. Please be advised priced are subject to change without notice.

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